COVID-19 Update Clinic Re-opened!!


Natasha Evans, Naturopath
Natasha Evans, Naturopath, Bacchus Marsh

23rd November 2020

Following the recently announced relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, I will be reverting to in-person consultations!

My clinic is now reopening for face-to-face consultations. Please note that any in-person consults will require wearing of masks until further notice.

In addition, due to how well-received and effective phone- and Zoom-based consultations have been, I will continue to offer those as options should you prefer. A phone or online consultation still allows me to connect with your journey and gather the detailed information I need to formulate a holistic treatment plan for you. I hope you can hear the smile in my voice down the phone line and know that I am here to support you!

Medicines can be picked up from my clinic in a contactless way or alternatively can be posted if required.

It’s a very changeable world we find ourselves in at the moment. Remember to focus on the simple pleasures such as good food, beautiful sunny walks, pets, family, good sleep and friendship.

To book an appointment, give me a call on 0417106895.

A phone consultation remains a very effective means of learning about you and your needs.